Makeup = Maturity??

Ever since I was 14, everyone has tried to push me to wear makeup. I won't. I don't enjoy it.. I feel fake... and I don't want to hide who I really am. Is that such a problem? I'll put it on rare occasions for the fun of it, but to wear it daily and almost rely on it to help others see me as "older" or "more mature" seems absolutely ridiculous and stereotypical. I am now 19 and married, but since I look "childish"... no one will take me seriously. In reality, my mentality is more mature than what age I look... so why should it matter? Would you rather me look older and act like a complete fool of myself like the majority of young girls do today? 

Makeup is just a Stereotype anymore. If you don't wear it... you're not mature... you're not a real "woman". Well, I'm SORRY women out there can't accept the way they were born. I'm sorry that I will never be taken seriously based on the fact that my eyes aren't painted black and my eyelashes aren't curled. I'm sorry that my husband enjoys being able to touch my face without residue coming off on his hands or lips. And, I'm sorry that I'm happy without what too many women rely on today to feel "beautiful". 

I'm ranting and raving because I just got a call from a dear friend who decided "I needed a makeover" because her and her friends think I don't look "responsible" enough to be married based only on the fact that I choose NOT TO WEAR MAKEUP. 

Even WORDS cannot describe the frustration that comes with looking natural. Who would have thought it would be so hard? 
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1 Response Jul 16, 2011

i understand your frustration - and I stand strong with you on the fact that you do not have to wear make-up to be mature. If anything the opposite is true. I'm okay with the way i look, whether other people are or not. I'm not going to hide that so that others believe I'm "mature". If you need to wear it to feel ok about yourself.. your really not mature at all. Keep your head up.