The Lady's Not For Burning

So far as I can recollect, the last time I wore makeup was when I had a small role in a school play, when I played a priest. I have never acted since, which is a pity (for me, anyway) and so have missed the opportunity to wear makeup. 200 years ago, it would have seemed perfectly normal for men to have worn makeup. These days, it isn't: but there is a potentially great marketing opportunity out there, for someone!
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LOL TM. I am sure you can!

Thank you, Kindal. It is perhaps strange that companies have not started to target men more, in this area, as even a limited take up would be lucrative.

men and women wear makeup these days, some makes them look better like me lol , some for art and entertainment. Just like Johnny Depp and Adam Lambert, I think those men look great in makeup :)

Will do, nakedeyes: YouTube is such a good source for information like this!

LOL Thanks!

LOL The only line I had in my first play was "Horrible, horrible"!

Yes, Souli, 23rd July did fall on a Thursday, in 1835! Good points, amusingly made. There was a priest in the play, but it wasn't much of a part, really!

So the wheel has turned full circle, then! I can't really see myself using make up, myself, though: not least because I haven't the patience to put it on properly.

hi zalrog, how are you?:) I agree but they now are marketing make up for everyone not just we women.")