I Wonder.

Sometimes I wonder what girls with really thick and heavy makeup really look like underneath all that 'layers'. I mean, I think simple / natural looking makeup can look okay, but there are a few others that make me want to run my finger through their face just to see how thick their foundation is. Lol :P

But seriously, I don't think makeup is all bad, but the people who wear it often should also make sure they match their makeup style with the occasion. Going to a club, a mall and a wedding are all different and require different style approaches. Often when I see some girl who looks like they're in a club inside the mall... or worse, inside a church, it just really looks... off.
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I see women at work who look like their faces have been painted on lol<br />
They look like circus clowns with spray on tans, and yet they walk around with an attitude, as if to say " I'm better than you "<br />
I used to hate them, but hate isn't good to keep inside you, especially for people who mean nothing to me.<br />
Now I just smile inside and think about how I was born in the wrong generation, how I was meant for another time.

some women don't need to wear makeup they are naturally beutiful or if they do it's very light ,me personaly i like women with light makeup, i hate women who pile it on it does not look good have a good evening.

Maybe they should look for more videos on how to make-up in various occasion by Michelle Pham (^__^)"...that could help...I guess.<br />
Sorry, I don't wear make-up a lot. I bought the VS Bombshell Make-up and still haven't used it...

Or like you should be in the circus, which snooki does.

haha lol :))

I agree. My sister hardly uses makeup and doesn't need much. And I have seen snooks from the Jersey Shore without it and she looks quite nice. She does not need all of that on nor the spray tans and fake lashes. Just all fake.

Yeah. I understand the need to look presentable and attractive, but I don't think putting a ton of gunk on their face is the way to do it. When it goes overboard, it looks cheap.