I Never Wear Makeup!

Then again, I am male. :D

(As an aside, I don't really get makeup. I have never seen a woman that I know make herself look more attractive with makeup. It just makes people look *different*.

Perhaps the point is to say... this is an occasion that deserves the effort of putting on makeup, and that always works nicely. A lot of women I know, however, look far less attractive with makeup on than off. It is possible, of course, that they're just not very good at applying it, but the point still holds :a)
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Tinky, I like that. Maybe I should just consider just that. Lightly tinted moisterizer and some washable mascara.

I could be wrong, but I think that a lot of the guys who say girls look better without makeup underestimate how much they wear. The idea is too look like you're not wearing any, that it's natural. A touch of eyeliner, couple swipes of mascara, a neutral eyeshadow, some concealer, couple dabs of blush... Looks like she's barely wearing any, when she's wearing a full face of it. Sure there's some people who make it theatrical & give it a bad name, but most girls wear a 'natural' look.

I think most guys do prefer the natural look Vamp. Girls, for some unknown reason, just think guys like them better with it on.

It's nice to see a guy who actually prefers the natural look :)

i am female and i never wear make up unless i am going to a wedding or party i just dont see the point. anywho ive seen it all basically from the penciled in eyebrows orange foundation line around the jaw line even bright purple eyeshadow anywho i think natural is better

I would say that makeup works if you put it on but naturally enough that no one can really tell. It adds a little extra something to bring out your features, but doesn't scream for attention on its own.

I'm with you, Kyra. I like to think of myself an earth-woman - natural beauty etc etc - but you would never catch me without AT LEAST some mascara and a light tinted moisturiser!! <br />
<br />
If you did - I'd then have to kill you.

My personal favorite is the penciled in eyebrows, come on who are you kidding!

Yes, nothing says attraction like a foundation ring around a woman's jaw line! lol. Or those women stuck in the past that can't go out a day without the blue eyeshadow up to their eyebrows! Or extrememly pale skin with BRIGHT red or orange lipstick! I do admire the women with the ability to wear make-up in natural tones that makes them appear not to even have it on though! Kudos to you gals!