I Sometimes Wear War-paint to ...

I sometimes wear war-paint to work if I'm having a difference with my boss or a fellow employee.  I'll paint my face with black and red pigment and make threatening faces and gestures in their direction.  Sticking out my tongue, jumping in circles around them, eyes wild as the night...

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You should you should!!

That is epic! I want to do that at school one day... just for fun. XD

haha....that is good stuff honeyhunter. I think it's great that you wield power in such a way. It's so true that sometimes you just have to pretend and you get what you want. Being confident and assertive can take you far. I have tended to hate the word confidence over the years cause I feel it's often applied to the conquesting type male personality. In other words as@holes are considered confident by many cause they "say whatever is on their mind" but I think true confidence is getting what you want without a struggle. You sound like you've got that down pat. Thanks for the story!

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Most often the person backs down after the tongue thrusts but sometimes I have to start hissing too. At this point there is a look of abject horror on their faces and they begin retreating to their office. I follow closely behind screaming their name and calling for the gods and spirits of the universe to cast down a horrible plague upon the soul of my fellow employee or boss. Usually once they're in their office they call HR and a rep is sent down to investigate. I always make it to the bathroom in time to remove my makeup and return to the floor looking professional and ready for another day at work. When HR arrives I just deny deny deny and things usually blow over pretty quickly. Until the next time I get angry....

That is awesome!!!! :)

As you can see, lilt is great with makeup.

I agree...I need to add to this story...more later!

It is actually a brilliant tactic, RA.<br />
Go for it.

haha...if only I really did this....maybe I should try this at my new job in special ed?

I've wanted to walk around making crazy noises at work because it's soooooooooooo quiet in my office. But with all the layoffs I think it's not the right time. Cudo's to you for being so silly and brave!

yeah maybe :-) I usually get along with everyone, it's my nature. But I guess there are a few here and there that I don't get along with. Differing personalities I guess.

Well I'd be lying if I said I had actually put on war paint to settle a grievance with a co-worker at an office job. It was a fun idea though :)

Good for you,go get em tiger. I love to do off the wall stuff to shake things up!

Yeah I like to settle things the old school way....none of this going through company procedure or settling grievances through verbal communication.

I like they way you think .

I work an office job, 8-5 kind of thing. On the computer, making calls, etc. Hisssssssss!!!!!!