It Was An Addiction...

I remember when I was younger, I got into the idea of wearing make up on a daily basis.  I started to feel naked without it.  It really freaked me out how dependent I became upon it.

Then I just...stopped wearing it.  I've gotten now that I like to wear it, just to surprise people.  Especially since I normally go without it, it really stands out whenever I do.

Plus, there are times I like to wear it in the wintertime, because it keeps my face warmer. haha

Generally though, I just go ahead and avoid it since I've got such oily skin.  It's just not worth it.
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4 Responses Jun 22, 2007

I think the whole makeup talk is really silly. I agree that a woman should not get dependent on it and should not wear too much makeup, simply because I think it shows low self esteem and can look bad unless it's done right. BUT I also can't stand women who criticize other women for wearing makeup. It's extremely silly. I only wear lipstick and eyeliner when I go out usually, only put on more than that for special occasions. There are days when I just feel like it though, and then there are also many days when I feel like going completely natural. It's no big deal.

Wow, I feel exactly the same. I feel I am attractive without it. I just like lip stick and eyeliner on a more daily basis yet foundation and some powders leave my skin greasy and prone to zits.You are beautiful just the way you are!

lol i'm with you on the not wearing make up thing... but perhaps for a slightly different reason. I like to think that i'm attractive in the first place... lol and besides... if you start off with make up when someone meets you it's what they expect. I like to start off things with low expecations =P then... it's always a pleasant surprise when I do get dolled up... lol and even then... i own like 5 things of make up.

I put on makeup for special occasions, as as "war paint". It's nice to have something thats makes you feel more dressed up.