But I Probably Should

I've never been acclimatized to wearing makeup on a regular basis, and its not something I've ever been able to contemplate making time for on a daily basis in order to do properly.

But, I tend to feel better about myself when I do wear makeup, so its kind of an internal struggle. I hate the thought of only feeling better due to hiding aesthetic flaws, and wasting time that I could spend doing other things. But, I have near constant dark circles under my eyes from narcolepsy, lack of restful/restorative sleep, and my complexion is a bit odd at times, as I'm pale as a ghost and veins showing through is just not terribly pretty.

I need to buy new makeup, but I haven't gotten around to doing it yet. My old makeup got frozen in my backpack in the winter, and then heated up in a car in the sun, and the smell has gone 'off'. I keep putting off buying more makeup though, as its always a lot of money and time to spend at a store finding the right concealer and foundation for my complexion.
Rhan Rhan
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 26, 2007

I have an odd complexion to match, and the make-up I have found to work wonders is Bare Essentials Mineral makeup. Other companies are coming out with the mineral formula make-up as well. It covers surprisingly well, and -- my favorite part -- the powder doesn't go back like liquid makeup, so you can take years to use it and there is no issue.