Makeup? What Am I Making Up For?

I used to wear make up everyday - ok, so it was just concealer and some powder - but once i reached college, I hit a point where I was more worried about grades than how I looked. Who was I supposed to impress? Plus, if a guy thought I was ugly without makeup, then he wasn't worth my time. I still wear makeup on Sundays (sometimes) and if I end up having enough time in the morning or I feel like it. Actually, last Sunday, I decided to go without makeup and I had two different guys tell me how nice I looked. That doesn't happen often when I do wear makeup, thus I've realized that make up isn't what makes you pretty or beautiful, it is who you are inside. So what exactly am I making up for?
LoraliSophia LoraliSophia
1 Response Jul 27, 2007

I do believe you might be putting it on fore the make-up companies and the whole "beauty" industry! ;) Attractiveness (ie that quality that creates *attraction*) has much less to do with appearances than we're lead to believe, in my opinion. It really is about *self*.