No Make-up

I can't remember the last time I wore make-up... The few times I do wear it, I often end up messing it up because I forget I'm wearing it - this is most common with mascara, which would get smeared almost instantly! For me, no make-up is the way to go, and it's definitely a time (and money) saver. Also, if people aren't going to like me because of my natural appearance, then I feel like I've done myself a favor by NOT wearing make-up; it weeds out people that may be too superficial for my liking. I really do believe beauty comes from within, and if your soul is beautiful then you're bound to radiate a glow and attract positive people to your life, much more than any amount of make-up could get you to. :)
shadowmuse shadowmuse
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4 Responses Aug 2, 2007

hi there, u are so right, at 13 u are so sweet and, youre skin is pretty, injoy it, all i have been through, i have to wear makeup,or i just might scare a baby,,,, peace out'

i love this, i'm the same way! thanks for this, it gave me a new perspective on why not to wear makeup!

I love a woman that doesn't wear makeup. It's the true test of beauty.

I could not agree more. Plus, mascara just seems to be my natural enemy. ;P