You Dont Need Make-up To Be Beautiful

So I always hear in todays society by girls that one of the things you need in life to feel beautiful is by wearing make up.Apparently if you dont wear make up well your like what they call a plain jane. Honestly I think whoever says they need makeup to feel beautiful is very very wrong. I mean make up covers up the real beauty and I would like to say that Im one of those that doesnt wear it often because I feel beautiful just the way I am. I mean I feel I dont need it everyday and I dont think other people should feel that way at all. I feel sometimes society plays this big role like if girls hear oh you need makeup to be beautiful well I bet half if not all girls will go out and get makeup and thats kind of sad. I think girls need to look at the bigger picture like theres more to beauty in them then just the make up they are wearing. I just feel that girls need to not let society get them down and make them feel like they arent good enough because of the way they look which includes not wearing makeup. Thats why I want to get out there and spread the word that people can be beautiful just the way they are. I mean we need to praise the natural beauty just as much as we praise the looks makeup give us. So I want you to go out there and just feel beautiful even if you dont have make up on :)

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9 Responses Feb 28, 2010

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True beauty doesn't require make-up... Girls we don't need Makeup to look pretty, just a smile. What we are really doing when putting on makeup is hiding the true you. I'm sure you wasn't born with makeup on, so why hide the face that you are blessed with? So let's go out there and just feel beautiful even if we don't have make up on.. :)

Agree.. True beauty doesn't require make-up...

A little make up is good caking it on it to much and can look trashy if it's done badly. (like eye liner thats put on wrong , mascara that's all clumpy or way to much blush) I like to put on lotion, then wet a makeup spunge, then thin amount of foundation, then powder, light amount of blush, little bit of eyeshadow and 2 coats of mascara, then some tinted lip gloss. 15 mins and i'm done :D

Wonderful story. I agree. I don't wear a lot, many reasons, but I was brought up knowing that it doesn't take a lot either. Plus natural beauty does shine through.

Great story. . . I don't wear a lot of make-up but do or like lipgloss and mascara. I used to have a job that one part of the dress code for a woman was appropridate make up. I wonder how o that would go over today.

minimal make up...cover up the "flaws" natural as can be...for man likes "natural"....

Yep, and unfortunately, that often leads to women putting on waaaaaay too much make up, which only makes people look older *sigh* <br />
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Makeup can be lovely in moderation..... but a good skin care regimen is more important to bring out a gal's natural beauty! Great story darlin' =)

Liz,<br />
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I'm going to add my two cents here. I remember not wearing any make up at all when I was in High School. The one reason why is because I remember arguing about it with my mother at the age of 13. She won out. By the time that I was 16, she wanted to wear make up, which confused me.<br />
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Anyway, I do not wear any make up when I am at home or walking around in my neighbor (That includes shopping). If I go to school or work or a night on the town, I do wear a little bite of make up.<br />
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Another thing about what you have just written made me think of a few other things. Yes, women do wear make up as a mask to hide their true selves to the public (Mind you that I mentioned that I don't wear make up when I am shopping in my neighborhood. That is the most public that I will show my true self).<br />
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And also, the media trains girls that wearing make up will not only make you beautiful, but will get you a husband. The reality is that men do not care whether you wear make up or not. Men are going to see their wives without make up all the time anyway. <br />
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Now that it got me thinking. The whole reason why we have to look beautiful started in the prehistoric times when all the women in the tribe had to compete with who will be the most attractive to the most successful hunter. Otherwise, we are competing, not only with ourselves, for the affection of men, but with other women as well.<br />
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What do you think?

I think you're right. I've never liked makeup, even a little bit. It is extremely rare for anyone to look better with makeup than without. Usually the converse is true. Makeup should be relegated to the stage. If I never see any in public again, that would suit me just fine.