Losing The Makeup Habit - How Do You Feel Pretty Without It?

I've had a long-standing difficulty tolerating makeup of any kind, including eye colors, foundation and powder.  Almost all cosmetics seems to cause me to itch, break out, roughen my skin or cause a burning sensation.   

Last summer, I took a trip to Oregon and discovered a whole town full of women who live their lives makeup-free.  Now, I'm taking this step myself, partly because I want healthy skin, partly because I feel I should be considered beautiful enough without "painting" my face, and partly because I've recently developed eczema on my face and now it is necessary that I learn to live makeup-free.

This is a feat of courage for me, because my husband prefers me to wear makeup, and here in the "Deep South," women are practically expected to "doll up" when going out in public.  My sister is married to a man from Bolivia.  He has commented on this practice of Southern women, and frowns, saying, "Women who wear makeup have poor-looking skin (on their faces).  Bolivian women do not wear makeup, and they have beautiful skin without it.  I think the makeup is bad for their skin."

I'm looking for words of encouragement from any of my sisters out there who live their lives without ever going down the cosmetic aisle.  Help me break a lifelong cultural habit, and take this step toward living more simply and more healthily. 

And also, while you're at it, what do you do to feel pretty without makeup?

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1 Response Dec 27, 2010

I take a nice shower was my face lotion up and smile maybe a new outfit though I do like makeup I can see where your coming from try a natural lip balm the soften your lips and don't have chemicals