I like to allow my skin to breathe the days in which I am not at work or going out somewhere.


Whilst I would never wish the outside world to endure me without make-up, within the confines of my apartment, I very much tend to go around with moisturiser and lip balm the only two things I have on.

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

It's an absolute shame women feel they are not pretty enough without makeup. Skin, eyes, and other facial features are beautiful all by themselves when nurtured by a good diet and healthy lifestyle. If you feel you aren't pretty without makeup, it's because the makeup is harming your skin, giving it a sick-looking stain that you can see when you don't have it on. Go without it for several weeks and the true beauty of your skin will show through when the stain has worn off. Nurture yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually, and your inner health will give your face a beauty no artificial cosmetics can ever match.

thats probably good for your skin. i wear it when im leaving the house. i look better!