Nope. and I'm So Happy.

I used to wear make-up every single day. Now, i only wear it if i'm going out somewhere to meet someone or something. And it feels so good. I owe it all to my boyfriend who has made me feel so much happier in my own skin than i ever thought i could be. I'm truly grateful. I hate make-up. It feels gross, and why would anyone want to cover up their face? It's silly. I used to think i couldn't live with out it. I feel much better now!

jasminjane jasminjane
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 15, 2009

I totally agree! How can we get the media to stop portraying women with painted faces? It would suit me wonderfully to never see another magazine cover with a plastered face on it!

I'm sure there's other girls out there that were just like me and never felt comfortable leaving the house without make-up. It's a really unhealthy thing, well, not only for you skin, but to be so down on the way you look naturally. I realised how much nicer seeing someones natural skin tones and blush is. Much more attractive than a face that looks like it's been plastered. <BR>For a long time with my ex boyfriend, i didn't even want him to see me without make-up. And he practically never did. He never ever saw me during the day without make-up, but when we would go to bed, sometimes i would just leave it on (that thought sickens me now), or wash it off at the last minute, and i'd always be sure to be up before him to reapply my make-up. It was pathetic. And really sad. Now, my current boyfriend sees me with a fresh and natural face everyday. Not too long ago when we were going out, i was wearing make-up and he said to me "i prefer it when you don't wear make-up". It made me so happy to hear that he genuinely thought i was more beautiful natural faced than done up. It's a weight lifted off my shoulders and i feel so much better about myself.