I don't wear makeup and you know what I like it like that! I've never been much of a fan it's itchy and makes you look like a different person I just don't see the attraction that some people have to it. I have worn make up a few handful of times and it's usualy to indulge a friend who just really really wants to see what I look like in makeup.... Which I don't mind sometimes if I've had a few drinks and am feeling unusualy nice

To be perfectly honest even if I decided to  wear makeup everyday from now on starting today... I would have no idea where to begin or what to even get! Those makeup counters confuse me!

So yes I will remain my natural fresh fraced self and be bold in my choice to not conform to makeup just cuz some magazine adds and some t.v. shows like to tell me I should!

*I'm nobodies sheep*

happypear happypear
26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 4, 2010

yeah natural makeup what a joke! If you want to look natural you shouldn't actually need product to make you look natural.... oh well guess thats just one of lifes little mysteries!

I loved your closing line, that you're nobody's sheep! I think it's great that you're so comfortable inside your own face.