does it make you "grown up"?

This is one of the many things that makes me the complete opposite of my older sister.  I remember growing up watching my sister, and her friends, put on makeup and use all those things that looked like instruments of torture (the eyelash curler- c'mon, if that's not scary then what is?).  I was fascinated at why they would want to do that, but never curious about what it would look like on me.  A lot of my friends would have fun playing "make over" with my face because they were always curious about what I'd look like with it on.  They were always "ooing and ahing" but it just felt weird on my skin and I'd wash it off right away.  In scouts we did a few field trips to beauty counters and places that would help young girls learn to apply makeup and they'd come to me and say "you don't need it, except maybe when you get married".  I was always kinda proud about that and was happy to have the extra time in the morning for sleep instead of putting on a "face".   I can definately say that it's saved money over the years.  Now I'm in my 30's and I still don't have a desire to wear any makeup, but I can't help but to feel a little left out and wonder if maybe makeup is what makes a grownup, look "grown up".
Jennaflower Jennaflower
36-40, F
Jan 20, 2008