When I Apply Makeup, It Feels Like I'm Painting My Face With Butter

Hey, I'm not model material, but no amount of makeup is going to change that.  In highschool I wore tons of coverup, probably a layer a quarter inch thick.  The sh*ts expensive too, last time I bought coverup it was like 10 bucks!  I have a twin sister that will not answer her door if she is not fully made up, let alone venture out in public.  When she does go out she has so much makeup on that her face is like 10 shades darker than the rest of her body and it shines.  She has plucked her eyebrows so much and in such a way that she looks perpetually surprised.  She is terrified when she dates somebody new, should he spend the night and discover her without her face in the morning.  I guess I have just decided it's way too much work to maintain a face that society has determined is beautiful.  It only takes me 20 minutes to get ready for my day.
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5 Responses Oct 29, 2007

I wish more women were like that. Makeup is not suited for everyday life and I have yet to see a lady who looks better with it than without, but that's just me. The only place I can understand the makeup craze is in photography, television and the like. They have professionals applying it though who know what the ob<x>jective is. Women who cover up their face send a signal about their insecurity and there is nothing attractive about that.

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You don't have to; you are beautiful!!

I have always preferred no make-up, I like natural breasts (of any size) over implants, and a genuine heart.

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'She has plucked her eyebrows so much and in such a way that she looks perpetually surprised.'<br />
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one of my sisters is like that. they are so thin she has to pencil them in sometimes. i hate thin eyebrows. but i do wear makeup everyday. not too much though. i have a very natural palatte. most people cant tell i'm wearing any.