Has Anyone Noticed That It's Really Itchy And Dry?

I don't hate makeup, but I mean everything I've ever put on my face is really dry and itchy.  I think blush is the only thing I can tolerate, but I think every color of blush just makes my skin look paler and weirder than healthy and flushed like it's supposed to. >:( This sucks because sometimes I think makeup can look really cool, until it all smudges off and looks stupid an hour later.

Let's just go through everything. I need to get this off my chest. I'm 17 so I'm starting to be expected to wear makeup, GOD LEAVE ME ALONE


Foundation: NO

Concealer: Makes face feel dry and itchy. Only looks good for about half an hour, then my natural complexion starts to peak through and I have to keep putting it on. ALSO IT LOOKS FAKE! On ME it looks crusty and dry. Skin is supposed to have a natural shine, not completely dry looking. It makes my eyes water too. Weird.

Eyeliner: Makes my eyes look smaller (eyes are medium sized and blue) no matter how I use it

Mascara: Kind of useless because my eyelashes are already dark (same as my eyebrows ughh I hate having dark brows) so it doesn't do anything and it just makes my eyes water

Lipstick/gloss: My lips are already visible, and it's CRUSTY AGAIN ARGHHHH


bronzer: makes my face look weird


I don't know if I just have a weird face that doesn't look good in makeup, but I'm telling you I must be really ugly because I look weird with and without makeup. As a makeup routine I just curl my lashes and put on lip balm. I hope I can get away with doing that forever. If I HAVE to wear makeup, I just put on some blush.


Not judging anyone who wears makeup or who doesn't.  We all should just be able to do what's comftorable without being harrased

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3 Responses Feb 20, 2010

You might need moisturizer underneath your face makeup to keep it from getting dry, then apply a powder foundation over it to keep matte looking. You could try looking up some makeup videos to help you out, I remember my first time and I looked awful. My eye shadow was creased and my lip gloss seeped into the cracks of my dry lips. There are many ways to make your makeup look better but not all women need it, if you have natural beauty you're very lucky and I envy you.

weird fact the preservetive u find in make-up is also found in 90% of all fem cancers - concedinse?

I don't wear much make up either maybe only on special occasions. It's just not me and I think I look better without it.