Short Skirts

I'm quitting working in the next few months, and since I can't get fired for showing too much skin, my husband has bought me several short, short skirts.

Even though I'm going to be 53 this year, my husband insists that I still have the legs for these skirts, but the question is, do I still have the *** for them?

When I sit down they completely ride up my backside and if the seat back isn't solid, my *** crack is visible beneath the hem of the skirt.

Not only that, but my labia jewlery is clearly visible.

It's going to be a great summer :-)
PrincessCleo PrincessCleo
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I would love to see that.

Sounds like it


sounds like a great story and would love to read up in detail on how you summer went. I went through all your stories but a detailed one with a number of special occasions would be great

As the old saying goes, "If ya got it, flaunt it!" Sounds like you are enjoying the freedom from work, and exposing those sexy gams, and maybe a bit more... ;) I keep pushing my wife to wear shorter skirts, and the hems are getting a little higher, though it seems like only at a glacial pace.

Hope your summer has gone well and your coworkers reacted pleasantly to your display. Yummm

Wow would I love to see that!!

I would love to hear about those adventures!

Wow sounds beautiful to me

Likes to be spanked and a show off, your husband is a very lucky guy

Haha bring on the summer lol

<p>I am sure you do have both the legs and ***! Middle age women who aren't afraid to wear short skirts and dresses are great! No law says only younger girls are allowed to have fun. My wife is your age and while I can't get her to wear short skirts or dresses, she is definitely hot in a bikini!</P>

hoping you will find a way to take and share pics

Oh my! I wish I was there to see!