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I Never Wear Underwear

I just wear underwear when I go out or go to school but after that I'm usually with my shorts with no underwear on. When sleeping I hate wearing underwear it's so uncomfortable, and when I don't wear underwear I sleep the whole night, I literally sleep like a baby.
aroundhere aroundhere 22-25, M 3 Responses Jun 3, 2011

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I would love to sleep nude every night but instead I wear men's jockey shorts for they give me the air flow around my man thing.

i sleep nude ,just like the feeling . i stopped whearing undies in 1974 took time to get used to that .

I didn't even wear them to school...if he hung bad,I never woried if people looked or underwear is comfortable to me.Neither does my son,and he is larger...if his hang out....he just shrugs his shoulder....we are both nudists..and understand others curiosity