No Underwear Full Stop

I don't own any underwear, so definitely don't wear any to bed.

I sleep naked all the time as it is more comfortable.

Underwear is highly overrated by some people, I really don't see the point in it.
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Mine were finally disposed of a few weeks ago

Hi again, just read about your injections that takes away your period. That answers that question in my previous post.

Just think of all the money that is saved. But what happens when that time of the month comes? I am not trying to be funny or putting down the disciplining you for choosing to such a heroic thing. The fun thing would seem to be slight flashes of you to a casual on looker who was just trying to confirm was she or was she not wearing a garment under her skirt? I wouldn't mind peeping that myself. So, doll my best to you - oxyogen

You go girl, I don't own any either!

I am getting closer and closer to not wearing at all but agree it is overated.

Fabulous sweetie

NONE! I am sans underwear. Freeballing, you might say. Not wearing them and never will!

I hate underwear and don't own any either!!! I don't know why anyone wears them!

never wear under anythings in bed !!! get all tangled up all the time and when ya wanna bit ya only gotta take it off anyways right

I could not agree with you more!<br />
I wish there were more women like you!<br />
<br />
Do you wear a bra?

No, I don't even own a bra, I have quite small breasts so I don't need one really. I love having my nipples poking through my top as well.

My FB owns NO underwear either!
Poky nipples and fresh air! What a great combination!

I have never understood why anyone would wear underwear to bed

mmm sexy