Never Have

I cant remember the last time I wore panties.  I havent owned a pair in yrs.   Not sure when or why it started either.  I hate them.  The either ride up, or they crawl down.  UNCOMFORTABLE.  Besides, everything is coverd so why add another layer.  I seldom if ever wear a dress, and If i do, I wear panty hose, so that base if covered.  When I see people wearing thongs....shudders....all i can think is I dont even want to ever have to wear butt floss. 

MinervaEcho MinervaEcho
51-55, F
3 Responses Mar 7, 2008

Thanks ladies i'm considering going commando myself

thongs ......... ugggghhhhh. Butt floss. Why???

I dont mind thongs

I totally agree. Panties are straight-up uncomfortable.

I bet ur ***** phat huh