How It All Started

Right now I am a nearly full time freeballer. Have however been wearing uw more than just occasionally, but looking back, I can't really understand why I wore this superfluous extra layer so often. The first time I went without uw was when my mother brought me to a holiday camp for kids. I guess I was 8, perhaps 9 years old. Although my mother used to be pretty well organized, she had to wash all my uw that morning, so when we left it was arranged on the back seat of the car to dry and I wore just my very short leather shorts, of course starting with a small accident with the zipper.

At first I was angry at my mother, finding it awkward not to be wearing uw and because of the pain that wasn't her fault really. After a short time the pain (not that bad actually) went away and I stopped feeling awkward. Instead I experienced this swell feeling of your jewelry hanging freely rubbing against the smooth lining. At this age it can't possibly have had a very sexual connotation yet, but I liked it anyhow.

Ever since I would go commando if I felt like it. My parents were very relaxed about it, just as they were about wearing whatever you felt like wearing or going naked.
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I experienced a very pleasurable feeling at an early age not wearing underwear. It was probably sexual but I was not aware of the term for these feelings at this early age. It was not long before I simply enjoyed the fun and sexy feeling of not wearing underwear. You could say I have been addicted to the pleasure of no underwear for most of my entire life.

I'm certainly not spending much money on uw. Perhaps some on thongs & strings but I will hardly use these as uw though. They are used for swimming & tanning & startling people not expecting to see a guy dressed in them :-)

I am the same way with boxers and only wear them as outer wear.... Could never wear them us underwear.... Been a freeballer for years and never, ever wear undies.