Going Commando

i love to wear my pants without wearing underwear. it feels really comfy. but again there are some issues due to which i cannot go without underwear on daily basis. the problem is that i tend to have more erections when i don't wear underwear. due to which there is a bulge at front of my pants, which makes it a very embarrassing sight. i usually wear pants without U/W when going on small trips. but once i decided to go on a bus trip without U/W which was of long distance. the distance was about 900 kms. again i faced the similar problem of erection. people noticed the bulge on the front of my pants. however i occupied my seat (which was a double sleeper seat) there was a male co-passenger with me. the bulge, due to erection was giving a very unsightly scene in public. i tried to keep my erection under control, but every now n then the erection reoccurred.

during 80 % of journey i was without U/W n during that time, i got some 10-12 erections which lasted for 10 mins each (approx.). i had to take of my pants in front of the co-passenger and had to wear my underwear to save me from more embarrassment. but again exposing my lower body to a stranger was also embarrassing. especially since the co-passenger got curious about my penis being circumcised (circumcision in my country is very rare. its done only on few cases).

apart from these little problems i luv to go commando. sometimes i feel jealous that girls can easily wear any pant/jeans without having to wear panties. i wish i had been a girl, i wud have never touched an underwear except for periods.
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1 Response May 21, 2012

I love when girls are on their periods, due to that they'll touch an underwear. I always touch an underwear.