I Hate Them

When i wear clothes, i never wear underwear. I used to own all thongs but i gave them away. Especially when it's summer and really, really hot here, i have to not wear underwear, or else i will start to sweat down there. Sometimes i like to be naughty, and i will wear a short skirt,and people can see if i bend over, which i tend to do a lot. If it's windy i will wear a medium sized skirt and it will get blown up every time the wind blows. It makes me horny, and underwear just restricts me. It feel like it is just getting tighter and tighter, that may be because i hate clothes, but when i wear underwear, i get pissed off.
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4 Responses May 22, 2012

Wait, you GAVE AWAY your thongs? To who? WHO accepts worn underwear? i can only assume the person you gave them away to wanted them unwashed and is not intending to wear them at all.... is all i can conclude.

I totally understand. We have a heat wave at the moment, and I almost wish my clothes would catch fire and melt off

Everyday feels so great just sleeping nude and not wearing underwear!

well please don't wear underwear... we do not want you pissed off...would love to be around when that breeze came along... please add me