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My No Underwear Story

My both parents used to be underwearless during free time and days off in summer. Though none of us were never nude in day time, my parents never hide themselves when in the bathroom, and It happened I saw my dad puting on shorts directly, or my mom putting on a dress without panties.

In such a way I was brought up to be without underwear part time as long as I can remember in my childhood. When staying at home, mom did not give us any underwear or socks in summer. Among other things, I was wearing lederhosen -german leather shorts-, which were worn with briefs for school, no possible discussion on that, but without any underwear whith the same leather shorts on days off. Removing briefs when comming back home from school on hot days was also encouraged. As the legs of these shorts were rather wide, I gess other kids I was playing with, saw I was wearing no briefs under them, but I never had any comment about this.

My family was not doing it by economy, but primarily by freedom, and also may be for a bit less loundry for my mom -no briefs, no socks, no tank shirts for anyone in summer- I think my parents were wise people open to to any idea provided it brought them something. May be they also care for themselves for the sexual side of the stuff, but that I cannot tell, I have never been made aware of that, and certainly not told about as a chid. Comfort, practical, and hygiene were the very first grounds.
Same with lederhosen, you could see some kids wearing them in France in the sixties, the strengh and the practical side of them - nearly no washing reqired as leather is natural and will take care of stains and even odors, and of course no ironing- has been a strong motivation for my parents to go towards these leather shorts for their kids. I had one brother who also wore lederhosen, but less than me. And in more these shorts are very comfortable, with or without underwear, a thing people who never tried them cannot believe.

Though I had secretly been to school without briefs, from time to time, and later to university because lack of clean underwear, I kept for a very long time this habit of putting on underwear for work, and freeballing in free time only.
Now I don't wear any underwear most of the time, including work, and I still own a lederhose for gardening.
Lapilazuli Lapilazuli 56-60, M 4 Responses Jun 11, 2012

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My Lederhosen Summer - so far ...
I have been wearing nothing but t-shirts, 10" heavy lace up boots and my short (kurze) Lederhosen since June 12. This has been the best summer ever. I just decided I would wear nothing but kurze Lederhosen this summer and will wear them as late into the fall as temperatures allow. I have knee length (kniebund) Lederhosen when temperatures get too cold for me in my kurze pairs. I too like the benefit of only socks and t-shirts to wash since I am always commando in my Lederhosen. Leather on the naked skin is so comfortable and erotic. Next year I am making the same commitment to only t-shirts, boots and Lederhosen and will start earlier. Looking forward to a second minimal laundry summer. :-)

I wear Lederhosen as much as possible and there is never anything between the Lederhosen and my skin. You are absolutely right about leather being natural and it takes care of stains and even odors. The more stains from wear the better the Lederhosen are. The best care you can give your Lederhosen is to wear them and wear them. The more you wear them, the more comfortable they get. Lederhosen worn without underwear will become the most personal garment a man will ever own - believe me, it is true.

My parents only bought me 3 pairs when I was really young and as they decided what I wore at that point it was generally commando and sometimes underwear. After kindergarten they never bought me anymore underwear and threw away what little underwear I had at that time as I was growing out of it and I've freeballed ever since.

I find I'm uncomfortable without any support...only because I was raised to always wear jockey shorts. Even now, if I can't find size 40 Stafford shorts at J.C.Pennys, I won't feel comfortable in undershorts that are either too large or a size too small. 38 is out, so is 42. Sad.