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I Dont Wear Underwear

I love the feeling of the breeze when Im wearing a skirt
Tammigirl Tammigirl 18-21, F 8 Responses Jun 15, 2012

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You're a lot braver than I am!

Go Commando!

Do you do that ALL the time?
What about a bra?

You gotta wear a bra silly

Oh no you dont!
Thay are actually unhealthy for you!

Read that article and try going without for a week and see the difference!

Fantastic!<br />
Never revert!

you should try it!

Me too! Especially in summer time when I'm wearing dresses

I like that feeling too but not on a day like this, I may be of Scottish background but not only would my goolies fall off they would have been blown away in Sydney today lol.

Sydney has been awful hasn't it?
Im certainly wearing undies in this weather hehehe

Me too!! I also like to point the car's A/C right at my snooshy during the summertime while driving with my left leg up and spread open.

Oh Dear,
I dont go that far but it does sound interesting

You should try it ...... you have nothing to lose and I garentee you that you will enjoy it a lot.