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i wonder what people would say if they knew i dont wear underwear i havent worn any in a really long time like 13 years ago and im kinda secretive about it but i really do wonder what the people i know would say if they knew about it
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wait so you stopped wearing them completely 13 years ago

that means you stopped wearing uw at age 5-8....

how did that FEEL???

did you only wear briefs before then?

how did you start??

whats your face to fb in??

I am quite jealous if you couldnt tell lol....I didnt start fb at all until i was 16....but I have been fulltime for over 5 years now....

if you ever want to email me feel free to at

I am on aim and yahoo im too

still to completely stop wearing uw at 7 years old must have felt INCREDIBLE.....