I Must Confess..

I don't wear underwear. Well, most of the time I don't. I don't see the point unless it's that time of the month or you're wearing a really short skirt and going out in public. My boyfriend pitches a fit whenever I'm not wearing them around him. I think it makes him feel like he can't trust me as much. He's a little better when it's winter and I'm wearing a dress with black tights though. I mean, no one can see my 'you know what' with black tights on unless they have x-ray vision or something. Lol! He's so paranoid..and seems to think every guy out there is going to go out of their way to check up a woman's dress, no matter the risks. I think he's so silly sometimes. I often wonder though, how do other women's significant others feel about them going commando?
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3 Responses Aug 4, 2012

If my wife stops wearing panties I wouldn't care. It's her choice.

Go commando ALL the time!

I always want my women to be free!

I would love it if my wife went 'commando'. Would not bother me at all. I think it's hot actually.