Going Commando

There are plenty of valid reasons for not to wear underwear.
First what is the purpose for underwear? well most people from seeing old TV shows or cartoons and slapstick would guess that underwear serves to be the final defense against full frontal nudity.

but the real reason for underwear is hygiene mainly, it allows you to wear your slacks or shorts for longer while your underwear which has been in contact with your sweaty nether regions gets washed, and being smaller takes less to get clean, you can also have many pairs of them.

But there are plenty of reasons not to wear underwear.

If you have good personal hygiene it won't bother you that much, if you live in a place that makes people tend to sweat profusely underwear can do the exact opposite of hygiene, it acts as a sponge for soaking up sweat which does not get to dry out as it's covered by another layer of clothes.
Crotch itch and fungal infections can result from this, it is not fun at all, find underwear that is pure cotton or some other highly breathable fiber but if all you have acess to is those synthetic nylon stretchy ones that just act like a sponge for sweat, do not wear underwear if you can.

Make sure you wear a belt however and cinch it tight enough so your pants have no chance of slipping and exposing yourself, that is not good, just like with Women who wear skirts without underwear, very risky mini skirts are out of the question.

Underwear is based off breech cloths fundoshi langots and loincloths which go all the way back to when a version of those attires became standard underwear in medieval times, once, underwear was the only wear, and simply put clothing has gone from being about practicality to simply aesthetic, full body clothing made sense in europe where the proximity to the northern pole meant that it was very cold and clothing was needed for warmth, but upon western society starting in places closer to the equator unfortunately many clothing traditions became fashion out of place in their climate of practicality.

So with that in mind, it is not foolish to consider the underwear as a redundant clothing item, plenty of clothes are comfortable enough to wear without the need for underwear anyhow, and are pretty loose fitting, but for decency's sake wear underwear if you go to the changing rooms, that's the only time i ever really wear them.

When i do wear underwear myself, it's usually one of those close fitting cloths which is wrapped around to create a pair of briefs, seeing as how alot of underwear save fancy pants expensive ones are from China or India or who knows where, they may be made with improper materials which are actually very bad.

pure cotton or nothing.
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The traditional breechcloth draped down over the butt for sitting down, to protect the buns from sharp rocks and dirt. It did not cover the genitals and was not about modesty. Male modesty (or really self-consciousness) in particular is a brand new concept for the current Generation Y, it simply did not exist more than 10-15 years ago.

Nude is best because it lets your skin breathe. Wearing the minimum above that is next best, especially in warm, humid climates. Frequent nude showers keep the skin refreshed; wearing clothes including underwear to bathe is counter-productive because it traps bacteria and dirt against the very skin that you're trying to cleanse.

i wount wear thim or a bra i was forced to growing up

still wear 'em at work because of sweat/skidmark issues - freeballing the rest of the time and feeling great.

Underwear is one of those, you get what you pay for. Granted, commando is cheaper and better but I tend to hurt myself if I go without. Some would say I should be happy I have something large enough to get hurt or small enough that I will get hurt. I tend to the the Lester, if you will.<br />
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I do wear undies and have learned over the years, cotton is not your friend if you sweat. I swear a LOT. I wear Nylon ba<x>sed undies. My favorite are Jockey's with 90% nylon & 10% spandex. The keep me dry, free from itching and safely tucked away. I also prefer them to fit and support the boys, hence I buy undies with a pouch as most straight fronts are to small.<br />
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I prefer to be naked, so when I have to dress... I wear them.<br />
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Be comfortable, that is the message.

Cotton is fine by me, but those nylon wick shirts, nope, they won't work if it's humid.