Lying In My Bed..

I'm lying in my bed and I've just had an amazing quickie with my husband... Today is our anniversary and we're going out for dinner tonight. But tonight I'm not going to wear any underwear... I know I will dress up in a swishy dress, with a swaying skirt just above the knee and not wear panties.. My nakedness will make me feel very aroused and my inner labia which are longer than my outer labia will engorge and my hooded clitoris will slip out of its little hollow and swell with the sensation of my lips rubbing between my thighs. My slick wetness will seep out of me and when I'm sitting in the car on my way to the very posh restaurant, my dress will ride up and my butterfly will open up and kiss the seat beneath me, leaving a wet shiny trail.. Like a Kant snail has crossed the seat. When my husband opens the car door for me, I will swing my long legs out one at a time and allow him a full view of my swollen ****. We will play this game for the evening, him knowing and me teasing him. In the restaurant I will position myself so I'm facing a man who can if he does, glance under the table and I will sit with my legs slightly apart so he can glimpse my swollen butterfly. Maybe I might just put my hand between my legs and finger myself a little and pop my finger in my mouth and lick my juices while watching him with innocent big eyes... I'm looking forward to my evening, I'm aroused, excited and filled with anticipation.
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Jan 19, 2013