I've Stopped Wearing Knickers

I've recently stopped wearing knickers.. I did it once to relieve some stress and went shopping wearing a dress and I took my knickers off in the car and put them in the glove box. I walked around the mall and the feeling of nakedness was wonderful. I had two reasons, one was to feel the erotic feeling of my labia swelling up with the friction against my thighs and the other is that I love to pee a little and let the pee dribble down the inside of my legs. It's may sound a little crazy, but the eroticism and naughtiness of it always gets me off. It isn't long before I either have to get back to my car quickly, or go into a boutique and try on some clothes to get into the fitting rom so I can finger myself until I come, or I have to head off to the public bathroom and stand up in the cubicle, me leg up n the seat and finger myself and come. I've got to a stage where my sex life has gotten a little boring, so I told my husband I was not going to wear knickers when I go out with him and I can tell you he has an erection for the whole evening and last night I sucked him off on the way home on the highway and I swallowed every drop of his come. We are both middle aged and it was the most amazing sexual experience that we've both had in a very long time.
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Jan 20, 2013