I Don't Really Wear Panties

So to start of ... husband back when we were dating told me one day i should try going with out any panties to school being in the 11th grade at the time. i was like oh hell no.... but did anyways first time one of the girls i knew in walked by and infront of everyone in the caffiteria said omg your not wearing underwear.... my crack was hanging out. i simply pulled up my pants and said why would you ask that... she laughed made out like she was joking but she knew i was embarrassed for a few classes it passed....

i have found that my *** isn't made for underwear... most fall down no matter how big or small i buy them to right under my crack so what is the point now.... i will wear them on ocassion if i feel that going with out any isn't sexy enough i'll throw on some lace thongs... to feel sexy

but 90% of the time i am free .... free balling like me and my friend call it lol
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Jan 23, 2013