Working On It - Updated!

I have spent most of the time over the last five days sans-underwear. Never realized how enjoyable it can be. I still am trying to muster enough guts to free-ball at work... incidentally, I definitely have noticed my boxers riding up throughout the work day this week. Maybe tomorrow I'll give it a shot. Update: "Hey, everyone in the office... you see the guy over here wearing the shirt and tie (while you all consider jeans and a ratty old polo shirt "business casual")... well, HE'S NOT WEARING UNDERWEAR!!!" And he's loving every minute of it. Thank you to all of those at EP who have shared their stories and turned me on to this. I have found my new norm!
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5 Responses Jan 24, 2013

yes it is fun to do that and if see something oh will they might enjoy it too

Glad we could be of help......I'll never rest until there is no underwear left anywhere in the world.....:-)

Good for you! I was converted to not wearing underwear after reading stories on EP and deciding to try it. I only wear underwear now when wearing clothes that would otherwise show too much.

The next step is too lose the shoes and socks, they're not needed either. That's even more freedom.

<p>I just tossed mine out when I was about your age, more than 30 years ago now. . I have never missed them. Less wash. Less expense. More comfort. Underwear is a totally unnecessary product that men never thought of wearing until the 1930s when Hollywood and marketing corporations convinced mothers that boys should be trained to wear them.</P>

Couldn't agree more. Been twenty years for me. Less laundry, less detergent, less expense, less dresser drawer space. Completely useless garments.