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I begun not wearing underwear when I was 17. I saw the pictures on the pantyhose packages, and guess what... nobody on the pictures has panties under the pantyhose. So once me and my friend (girl) decided to be very daring so we went to a party wearing only pantyhose under the skirts. It was very exciting and it felt very daring.

After a few similar experiences one more girl joined our "pantyhose without panties club" and one day we decided to make a little fashion show to prepare ourselves for the next party. We bought a lot of types of pantyhose with different sheerness, different colors, fishnet pantyhose, etc. and we went to my place to try them. We changed our clothes, so we were each wearing only one short summer dress without anything under - though we were not outdoor it felt again very daring.  One of my friends was posing in front of the mirror having a fishnet pantyhose under her dress, the other gal had a red pantyhose on, and i was just looking for the next one to put on when my parents arrived. We only had time to grab all our doings and jam everything in a bag and my parents were standing in front of us. In that moment one girlfriend was wearing a short summer dress with no bra and a red pantyhose, the other girlfriend was wearing also a short summer dress without a bra and had a fishnet pantyhose under, and me - well i was standing there in a short summer dress and i had totally nothing under. My girlfriends begun acting like they were just leaving and made a very naughty joke with me. They told my mum that they just visited me to invite me to cinema, but i am not willing to go, so my mum begun to convince me to join them. Finally i joined them, and we spent the rest of the day shopping in the mall. It was my first time going out commando  - OUCH, IT FELT GREAT!!!

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great story.

Modern men's briefs make me sweat too much, so when the good weather returns, I may go commando<br />
<br />
After all, any time Israel's in danger, I volunteer for Mossad<br />
I'm sure, in Olympic fever, some TV channels will screen Daniel Craig's superb Munich<br />
<br />
Search wiki @ Operation Wrath Of God<br />
<br />

That's a nice story ! I LOOOVE it when a woman LIKES not wearing underwear. It's so horny!<br />
I would even go shoe shopping with a woman who goes commando...

I love seeing women in summer dresses - especially when there is no underwear!

I would love to have your picture. :):):):P

Around the house (on my own), I often don't wear anything... <br />
Its not particularly exciting, its just... nice. Comfortable. Temperature 30 degrees C. Too hot for clothes!