No Underwear At Home....

I always wear satin panties while at work but never at home. The moment I enter home after the tiring day, I will just throw away all undergarments and put a long shirt or skirt. I never wear cloths in bed
juleimaria juleimaria 22-25, F 43 Responses Nov 1, 2013

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so cute to to be there

No knickers for me to

same for me.... no panties at home. I love satin panties too.

am like you wear under garments at work never at home some days I go to rest room at work and take them off before I leave

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Why not take your underwear off once your home, helps to relax and chill doesn't it!

why wear them at work????

me to it great to be free and feel the wind gently flow all my sensitive skin and hair...

I would slip on your satin panties when you take them off and wear them as I pour you a wine and pamper you x

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Lovely. My girlfriend does the same thing. She often wears dresses or skirts for work. She takes her panties off as soon as she gets home. She says it's much more comfortable.

me tooooo



I love it when a girl wears one of shirts or just a tshirt...not a long tshirt...

I go commando during the day , when I'm home , I go naked . And naked to bed , I sleep comfortably.

I am the same way. I love being nude whenever humanly possible. Always nude at home, especially in the summertime

Well, why not just simply shed all clothing when at home. Sounds simpler and simply completely less restrictive. Free.

Can I come over please!;)

ABN....Always be Nude

Love it Jules too dear, when at home, only

I like you already. Lol

Good for you. My girlfriend often wears a dress or skirt for work. Stockings sometimes too. She loves to get out of her panties as soon as she gets home. That's sexy.

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You are a girl after my own heart I some times go to rest room and take off my under garments before I leave work

oh i love your way

I hope you are braless out socially as well. My wife is. It does your boobs good to get a few hours freedom each evening.
With beauty like yours, I can't imagine anyone complaining. Ha!
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My wife does the same thing...very animent about no panties. ..sounds good to me

yes darling naked sleep is the best sleep , avoid cloths at least at home.

I never slept with cloths on except a undies during periods...

yes sweet , avoid under wear in out door too, enjoy the fresh breeze rubbing your ***** and yummy *** , it is healthy , now a days lot of underwear materials are artificial, it will hurt your ***** and ***, it will create , rashes, scratching, itching, etc,,,,
a a maternity and sexology doctor, i recommend free from under wear.