I Do And I Don't - Though I Prefer Not To Most Of The Time

I am mostly pantiless except when at work. I would never compromise my professionalism but it certainly would be nice it it were okay. Actually I would prefer to be totally nude but alas this world is not ready for that. I love to flash my ***** to my husband going up and down stairs, in and out of cars, bending over, spreadin my legs, crossing and uncrossing them. There are so many ways to show of one's wares.  Oh and I will wear panties just so my husband can rip them off, or slip a finger down them, or along the inside edge, and I do enjoy a good p massage through a nice pair of panties.

wifekinky4herman wifekinky4herman
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3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

This may sound strange but I will put on panties at night after going without all day, because I like having my husband's hand trapped in them searching for my honeypot! ( ok, it's a woman thing I know, he doesn't get it either)

Do you ever wear pantyhose without panties or stockings to frame that lovely nude *****?

no but that does sound oh so sexy

mmmmm, would love to see a little slip of the slit!!

grrr baby