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'I'll Teach Her to Write Her Manifestos On Cocktail Napkins..'

I used to write all the time. I could write a poem on a minute's notice and I often did.

once, I was in class and my friend was talking about how she drew this picture for a class project but she wanted a quote or something to go with it and could I think of anything? right then and there I wrote her a poem to use. she got a 100% on her project and the teacher said he was extremely moved by the poem.

my mum's friend was graduating from some program and she asked if I knew of something she could read at graduation. I told her to give me 15 minutes. I wrote a poem, she read it and cried. she read it at the graduation and she and my mother still talk about it.

I wrote when people died.
I wrote when people got married.
I wrote when babies were born.
most importantly, I wrote during all the in betweens.

all the time. journal after journal. on anything I could get my hands on.

I've learned a lot since then and I do write here and there and they're more concentrated and potent than they used to be, but I still miss just creating things left and right. I just don't have the attention span, motivation or the right words..

the thing is, this might actually be a medical problem. I have to go do a sleep study and then take the next course of action because my doctor thinks that might have something to do with my concentration and memory problems. so I've been doing more art journaling than word journaling but hey whatever works for now, ya know? I'll just keep plugging along at EP stories til then..

you can read a few of my pieces at as well as see some of my photography. :)
BarNapkinPoet BarNapkinPoet 22-25, F Jan 21, 2008

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