Frustrated With How The World Is Now.

Wanted to use this to vent a little. To try and voice my opinion which is of optimism, rather than pessimism. As a species, we are capable of so much horror and disdain. Science has proven (through DNA) that essentially we are all alike. The notion that we all think alike is not a myth, but rather a fact. If we all think alike, why is there so much disparity amongst us? I rarely use the internet, but when I do use it, I see a commonality amongst all that use it. For all of us its an outlet. The outlet though, is different for everyone. For some they use it for entertainment, others it becomes a social outlet, a political outlet, religious, for crime, to structure one's life etc. In a sense it has become an outlet for everything. Its unabashed and the restraints on it... well, are not there, so people use the internet more than anything to express themselves. Why? Because people are less scared to express an opinion. They hide behind a sense of anonymity that face to face interactions don't provide. Its why I am writing this right now in fact. Nobody is interrupting me and its my opinion and you and others can choose to read it or not. 
There are pros and cons to this. In cyberspace, the truth and the lie gets blurred. All the information on the internet is at a person's disposal. The problem with the information is, wether it is actually credible or not. For myself, through my education and reading and learning and living life, even working has given me a fairly informed structured opinion. Doesn't mean I am better than anyone else, it just means when I question something, I have the backup of my knowledge to support my opinion.  I don't know about the rest of the world, but where I am from intelligence is based on wealth rather than education. It really bugs me. Probably because I am not wealthy. In a way, I resent the rich where I am from. Stature in my part the world comes from wealth rather than education. So, a plumber (who I really don't resent) has more stature then me because he has more money and more material items then me. 
Man! Truthly, I am not sure where I am going with this???? I guess this is my attempt at voicing my opinion in hopes there are other people with the same opinion. In many ways I have become an introvert. Mainly because I am disillusioned with what's happening in the world. I came to the Experience Project in hopes of... well maybe expressing myself. I'm introverted, but I think about things all the time. Maybe I came here looking for a way to strenghthen my optimism. And, write some of it down. Well let's go from there. Hell! I already feel a little more optimistic!
Zecopolitico Zecopolitico
36-40, M
May 12, 2012