If I Did My Writing Would Go To ****.

these words are a diary. Don't ever mistake that for being considerate.
It's crazy to do that. My writing would suck if I was writing for a crowd or
a reaction. The fact is if you've been passively aggressively mentioned or even
praised it generally isn't posted for the sake of posterity.
I don't write for you and I don't live to please you or for that matter
to make your life difficult.

The fact is that if you're offended you're reading way too deeply into my
behavior. How I feel is how I feel.

If I changed my username to disconnect some of the stories I write from who they
were about. That they keep finding me and reacting tells you something: they're
trying to make it look like i'm harassing them when in reality they're
monitoring the stories i write for some kind of obsessive reaction.

the only reason I even KNOW is I know these individuals have trouble letting
go so I went to look and see if they would react and low and behold found

Hun, when i journal what i feel I'm not considering how you'll react. I don't
give a flippant ****. Be happy, be sad. Be angry, be annoyed. Be offended
React however you want but DO NOT take it as if it was PERSONALLY addressedto you and was a letter.
ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Dec 8, 2012