I Hate Beer

Disgusting, rotten stuff. I do not understand how people can drink cans and cans of this gross stuff. I have only ever had a few sips, it makes me feel instantly like I want to throw up!

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8 Responses Mar 4, 2010

I have to agree, beers not my thing.<br />
<br />
But pepsj! OH MY! Delish on a hot summer's day!<br />
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www.pepsj.com :)

Both coffee and beer are acquired tastes. And there are so many flavors of both--you can't judge coffee or beer on one or two sips. Coffee is best when it is fresh and brewed with good water. Actually, the same could be said for beer.

Hehe that's cute. I'm so happy to know I am not alone in thier war against beer and coffee. Coffee especially, EVERYONE seems to drink that.

Hahaha! I HATE the taste of beer AND coffee. Beer tastes like **** and so too does other alcohol. I have to mix it with half a bottle of Coke or Pepsi, just to make it palatable. Same thing goes for coffee. Someone once told me that I had an "immature" palette, that I didn't like more "mature" drinks and preferred more immature, sweeter drinks. Fine. I'll take my fruit juice and milk over your god-awful concoctions any day.

Coffee has the same effect on me. Can't stand the stuff. Ew.

Drinking it now :-D ... Trust me, it's like coffee... we don't drink it for the -taste- :-D

Oh yes, how could I forget the smell, ewwwww

I totally agree! It's soooo nasty and smells just awful