Cloud Doodling

take a new challenge to your self,try doodling what you see in the clouds,sometimes you have to be quick,other times the clouds will linger long enough to draw a good picture,i have seen and captured with my trusty pencil angels,animals,fish,faces,cloud airplanes,birds ,dragons,some of them seemed to be breathing cloud fire ,very cool,in one massive cloud bank i watched several hundred forms change into something different shapes in the blink of an eye ,i watched that particular cloud for well over an hour that summer day last year.

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6 Responses Feb 14, 2010

did not make me feel guilty,just letting you know what happened,sorry to worry you

Wasn't trying to make you feel guilty. Just wanted to know. Thanks for answering and don't worry about it.

sorry i took so long to answer back ,had severe puter problems that put me out of circulation,just recently got back on line,i am so very sorry i could not contact sooner

I never saw the movie. Where have you been? It took 4 months to notice my question?

because i was born in the land of oz,complete with an aunt dorthy,and an uncle who raised the type of dog that dorthy had in the movie

Why did you chose the Tornado Avatar for yourself?