Dork out and moody.

Lately I my moods have been all over the place. I usually try to be here for my friends trying to cheer them up. But I been kinda impossible to work with. I really don't know how they put up with me.

Maybe lack of sleep is getting to me. Out I'm bring moody pregnant. Life is being a little tough. And problems have been boiling.

At times I don't want to believe them but when I'm thinking better I do realize it. You all are just as stubborn as me.

When I'm bring impossible you don't give up even of you do get annoying at times.

Thank you ayiana for not letting me be alone last night. I also want to thank ask the others who tried to encourage me to.

I know I'm loved here even If I don't have the same at home.

I'm feeling a little better today so can you stop sleeping on my floor.
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You know if you don't clean me off I'm going to get cookie I am going to get cookie icing all over your bed.

Still not giving up on you and will be annoying as ever if I have to.

Hey hunni I know you have a lot on your plate especially being a young Mother, and I just wanna say your pretty damn amazing! And your a lot stronger than maybe you know.... Much *Heart* xoxoxo @ PS: Ana is wonderful and I'm glad she helped you....

I'm here too take over for Ana tonight. Sure you don't want the company?

I'll always enjoy your company. ;)

Good then move over and make some room. *smacks Bee on the **** Ana might be okay with the floor but I am more into some comfort.

*giggles@ jericho* be warned mister this bee is in a really flirty mood. Do watch when spanking my ***. I may take it a different way. ;)

*grabs Bee by the ankle and pulls her over my knees. Pulls her pants down and gives her naked butt a good whack on each cheek leaving matching hand prints*

*giggles* you wait til I tell aiyana on you. She'll get you for spanking her bee.

Go for it. Tell Cinnamon while you are at it too. I'll tie all three of you up and make you beg for a release.

She'll most definitely get you If you get her cinnamon. *tries to get away*

*gives Bee a real cocky smile* I guess we'll have to see about that. *grabs the rope from my bag and looks be over.* So we going to do this the easy way or the hard way?

*thinks in head. He wouldn't bee rough I got baby in the oven. Smiles to self* you'll never catch me. *sticks tongue out and runs for the door*

*Bee makes it about three steps before my foot is against the door. turns her around so her back is against the door. grabs both wrists in one hand and pins them against the door above your head. gets real close and whispers in her ear.* You aren't getting away that easy.

*takes a deep breath. I can smell your masculine scent. Your Cologne is driving me Crazy.* I'll not give up do easy. *my pull my knee up and kick *** hard as I can and try to get free*

*starts banging on the other side of the door.* Oh Jericho if you know what's good for you, you'll leave my little bee alone.

*catches your knee between my legs and holds it tight immobilizing you further. starts wrapping the rope around bee's wrists.* Ah Ana perfect timing but you are going to have wait your turn.

*sticks tongue at Jericho* I got aiyana wrapped around my little wing. Hehe

*laughs at bee* you have no idea how true that statement is about to bee.

*keeps wiggling*

Run aiyana save you and star!

*gives the door a good solid kick but it doesn't move. Yells in frustration as she hears bee on the other side

*Having secured your wrists I pick you up and carry you to the bed and start tying you to the headboard.* This should hold you while I deal with Ana

*before you get me tied yo the headboard. I twist to the side and try kicking you away.*

*putting every fiber of Ana's being into another kick the door smashes open slamming against the wall. sees Jericho tying bee down. running at Jericho she jumps on his back wrapping her arms around his neck* You will not get my little Bee.

*nimbly spins to the side while reaching behind with one arm grabbing Ana and flipping her across the room watching her land on the bed. Giving her the same cocky smile as he gave Bee* Ana so glad you could join us. But of all people you should know better especially after the way I had you tied up the other night.

*burst in giggles* get him aiyana. Show him who's boss. Only you can tie me up.

*eyes widen* aiyana tied up by her own warrior.

*looks Jericho up and down with a hungry look* hi honey. you know I like it rough sometimes. don't think you are going to get me quite so easily. *gets off the bed and starts circling Jericho like a lioness on the prowl.*

*looks at Ana and laughs* Oh I remember. I also remember how much you were begging for it by the time I was done with you. Where is Sweet Cinnamon? I would have thought you would have brought some extra help.

*lunges hard at Jericho swinging a forearm at the side of his neck thinking it worked really well on k*

*grabs Ana's arm in mid swing. Spins her around, grabs the other arm and crosses them in front of her chest and pulls her tight into my chest. Takes a big whiff of her hair and whispers in her ear* you always smell so beautiful when you get your dander up. *Bites her ear and gives a nibble to her neck. Looks hungrily at Bee* So where did you say that honey was Bee?

*while Jericho is paying attention to aiyana. I lift my legs over my head and now I'm crouched down on the headboard. I twist so my hands can reach in my pocket and I pull out my pocket knife*

*sees what Bee is trying to do. Grabs both of Ana's wrists in one hand and drags her over to Bee.* Whatcha looking for little Bee. * Gives her a slap on the *** and reaches into her pocket. * What do you think you are going to do with this little thing? *throws it at the opposite wall sticking dead center forehead of Bee's Justin Beiber poster*

*while Jericho is distracted with bee he relaxes just to get a hand loose. Reaches down to grab his balls and give a good squeeze but instead finds a very hard erection causing her to pause for just a second too long*

*shows Jericho my hands they are free I don't guy them free but fur safety I was pouting it back.*I leap out and tackle Jericho*

*shakes head at Bee as I wrap my legs around her. Arching my back making it a point to press my hardness into the middle of her back*

*tries to push your legs down so I can slip free*

*manages to break lose from Jericho. trying to help hold him down I straddle and sit down on his face. my dress riding up completely leaving lace covered pink parts completely exposed and over his nose and mouth.* bee can you reach the rope?

*reaching up with both hands I grab ana's legs and hold her tight to my face. Tilting my head back I open my mouth and bite down getting her panties between my teeth. Spinning my head to the side I rip them off. Smiling I hold her down and slide my tongue up her slit slowing as I run over her *****

*not expecting that I gasp at the sudden contact of his tongue and freeze up.*

*sees the ropes on the bed. My foot is close enough to kick it up off the bed. It lands on my leg and I grab it and hand it to aiyana*

*still holding bee tight in my legs I know she can't go anywhere. Back and forth I play my tongue over Ana's ****. Her reaction is immediate as I can tell she is no longer fighting. I can also taste the sudden overflow of juices from her hole.*

*completely at the whim of my body I lose control as he knows my weakness. The tingles shooting up my spine. completely missing the rope bee I'd trying to hand me.*

*looks at bee completely helpless as I feel him slip his tongue inside my hole. biting my lip I can do nothing but let out a soft moan. my ***** just dripping into Jericho's mouth.*

* with ropes in hands I sigh* gesh aiyana get ahold of yourself. Wiggles more trying to loosen up Jericho grip

Giggles K how can you grab me I'm stuck between his legs.

*managing to get a hold of myself just enough I give Jericho a good swat to the crotch. feeling him totally stiffen up underneath me. beyond flustered I manage to get the rope and tie his ankles together.*

*before Ana can get my hands tied up as well as get them away from her grip. though clearly in pain. Tries to grab for her but she gets away.*

*moving quickly to bee's aid my face still completely flushed I manage to knock a leg out from under k. together bee and I are able to subdue him leaving him tired up in the corner. turning back to Jericho...*

*gives aiyana a jealous look*

*having caught me in just the right spot I am helpless but to lay there holding myself. Trying to will the pain away and get to my ankles but it is just too much as I watch K overwhelmed by the two girls. Now seeing them coming toward me with more rope and nothing I can do about it as my body betrays me*

*quickly going to work I get Jericho's arms tired behind his back at the wrists and elbows. now I know he won't be going anywhere. sighing in relief I flip on the bed to catch my breath*

*watches closely* Um maybe K needs to bee tied up. You never know even he'll get a wild idea and attack lol

He is supposed to be tied up. Damn auto corrector

Ok good I didn't want him to catch us off gaurd.

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