Especially when I tell people I love Star Trek. Lolol
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I have seen every episode of Star Trek (the original series) all of Next Generation and Voyager and most of Enterprise ... I've also seen all the movies ... proud to be a Trekie 😊

Taken, polished and happily worn ... I am a Sci Fi nut - what can I say ?

I am genuinely flattered - thank you 💖 ... I am also very much in love with my lady so I must decline. I would gladly accept a friend request though ☺

We could still do that, but we live on opposite sides of the planet so distance may present a few problems ☺

Aw shoot! Everybody as already taken all the cute, predictable quips! Wait a minute......did somebody say something about Spock's final front ear? I love star trek too. I remember the episode with James fighting the lizard guy on the rocks of some planet, when I was knee high to a tribble!

Live long and prosper Sungirl!

Captain Kirk never burped out his lines, nor did he simply SPEAK! as IF! Every! Other! SYLlable! WAS! of DIRE! ImPORTance!”

:) xx

You do? Cool.

and may I ask who's your favorite character? Mine is unquestionably Data.

Next Generation was always my Fav. :)

We can dork out together -- let's watch a Star Trek Marathon!!

A female co-worker of mine had a very large model of the Enterprise hanging in her cubicle. She was quite strange, but for other reasons... Here's one for you.

:-O you like Star Trek??!! all the good ones are taken…in Canada…or both ;-)

you can the Uhura to my Kirk any day ;-)

so when do get a landing party going then L?? ;-)

then i might have to take you to sickbay for a thorough exam ;-)

haha well i am the Captain and its my ship!!! :P

the Enterprise is a sweet ride no?? ;-)

well then…Warp Speed!!

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