Who the hell invented this fine piece of eating utensil...I should say why the hell! Hey look I'm spoon.. now I'm a fork. No what you are is a huge failure at both! Get off the fence, and pick a side man!
Have you ever tried eating meat with one of those things? *stabs pork chop, and fork part of said spork breaks off* *sighs...eats pork chop with hands* What about something simple like soup? *dips spoon part of said spork in soup....potato falls off* Damn it!
Second try: *dips again.. a small piece of ham falls off, and back into bowl* GRRR!
Third try: dips AGAIN... a tiny split pea slips between fork part, and back into bowl* WTF! I can't even keep a little azz split pea on you? *snaps spork in half between fingers (with very little effort)...*slurps soup*
When I was a kid I used (yes they had them WAY back then..shut up) to use them when playing with my GI Joe's, and Star Wars guys (no I didn't play with dolls... they're ACTION FIGURES). I would use them as tridents... worked great with the Kung Fu grip!
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Really, it's just showing off. Overcompensating because it knows how lame it is.

Lmao love it!😂😂😂

Thank you.

This was very amusing :) I dig how your mind works

Hahaha.. thanks I think.

It was a good thing!

LOL.... sporks are awesome.

I recently had a series of bad experiences with them at work.
You shouldn't have to bring down four of said utensils just to get through ONE lunch!.. I mean come on they don't make sknifes!

I'm sending a letter to my congressman.

oMG..... they should sooooo make SKnifes..... why am I saying they... IIIIIIIII should do that..... lol

Lmao.. you better get a patent on that ****!

Sknivefs? Bwahahahahaha almost to tears

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LMAO ... you've outdone yourself

Lol thanks.. see what you can think of during twelve hours of boredom at work!
I scare myself sometimes.

I have a serious cases of the giggles. Well done!

Anytime.. glad I could help with the giggles.