It depends on what I "dork out" about. I mostly "dork out" when I'm talking about The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter and of course I "dork out" about any of my celeb crushes... >_< Yea I know I'm weird. Lol
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i dork out on Star Wars

I do too, all the time. Particularly, Harry Potter. No shame there ^-^ Dorks Unite!


Lol what about Gimli?! Haha jk

My wife says I've probably been dorking out since I was 3, and she thinks it's cute, as long as I'm not driving when it occurs. Dorks need love, too!

Dorking out knows no labels of weird. Dorking out is a general expression of being yourself. I don't follow Harry Potter or LOTR but I am a full supporter of being you.

*full supporter of YOU being you

My kind of dorkiness! "Mae govannen!"

Elf greeting. Sindarin tongue if I'm not mistaken (from the elves invited to the west in the first age but missed the boat and stayed behind). Silmarillion isn't best Tolkien read imo!

Out-dork me!

Quick. It's more of a collected known to the elves. Chapter on this. Chapter on that that fits into an overall narrative.

No no no! Not at all! It's way better "in person!"

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