Absolute Harry Potter fan here!!
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Spoiler Alert! Snape kills Dumbledore! :D

Bum bum buuuuum!

me too!!

I love Harry potter! except on the final battle between voldemort and Harry from the book.. it wasn't much what I expected ._.

I know right!

It's like I was reading for the best part and I was so excited when they final had time to fight against each other and I was like "YAAAAASSSSS! finally!" and then it ended so quickly I almost laughed

šŸ˜„I was like "no Harry cannot die!!!!" And turns out it was Nevill Longbottom who saved the day

oh come on! dont kill the story!


i cant see emojis.. CURSE YOU DESKTOP!!

Avada kadavra! (That was directed toward your emoji-hating desktop)

NOOOOOOO DONT KILL IT! i dont have my phone and all i have to go on ep is this

wait a second.. *hides the desktop behind the wall before the spell hits* Avada Kadavra can never go throuh walls! ahaha

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