*raises my hand* I am a proud and slightly crazy Percy Jackson fan. If u even mention something that corresponds with book I will have a dork attack better known as a fangirl attack
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Percabeth. I ship it. Like FedEx!

Yep!! Lol

Love the username lol

Have you read House of Hades?

Its good. I personally wouldn't rate it the best but its good. So which book have you read last?

Ohh....I am planning to buy it in March. Normally I take them as soon as they come but stupid exams hindered the plan

Do you read any other authors too?

Have you read the Eragon series by Christopher Paolini. Pretty sure that is his name. Its awesome.

After years of searching, a reader of my own kind. Hail the Queen!! :)

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pan the wild god, golden magical fleece, aegis, son and daughter of hades, backbiter

lol cute ^_^ That's gonna make for some interesting conversations