i have had a lot of dorky moments but i will share a few of them for you guys!!!!! ^^

once when i was in highschool... for english engl had to make a presentstion and then present it too the class. it was a distater!!!!!!! first i actually tripped over the lead thing that came from the laptop to the projector... then my phone started ringing.... and then at the end i asked the question "who is your favourite heroine.. " meaning female superhero and i realized it sounded wrong... so i stood up there like " that sounds wrong... who's your favourite female super hero who isnt a drug!?" :O everyone laughed at me and the only reason the content of the presentation didnt suck was cause my darling girlfriend helped me fix the spelling and grammar in it. hahaha XD
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the heroine part LMFAOOO XDDD

:) Thanks for sharing.