I got into a 40-something minute "debate" about how it would actually be possible for Ewoks to defeat an imperial force on their home planet. With a 50 year old guy lol.
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Oh god this is awesome!

My friends didn't think so. They were trying to pretend they didn't know me lol

I'm sorry but that is awesome

Tht sounds like the best debate ever!!!!

If the Ewoks were using hit-and-run tactics (asymmetrical warfare), it would be entirely possible to defeat a better equipped, technologically superior enemy.

I wish I could add more than one heart lol

Ha! Yeah, I had some experience with this kind of thing in the Marines, so I have some practical knowledge, you could say. I could just see galaxy-wide Imperial broadcasts about "the Endor insurgency" and the "Ewok terrorists". And people would be picketing on Coruscant demanding an end to the fighting, holding holo-signs and chanting: "No blood for lumber. Bring our clone troopers home".

Actually, around that time, they weren't clones anymore. Most of the stormtroopers were volunteers for the empire. Which also explains their terrible aim. So in all likelihood if the battle happened again, Ewoks would win again :p

Did you win.

Like I said, I was more stubborn. I won through attrition!

Way to go. The empire would be forced to eradicate all life on the planet, aka blow up the planet, or give up.

That is just awesome