I have quite a geeky collection of books, audio dramas, comics, collectable figures, posters. You know, that kind of stuff. I recently bought six collected comics and they should be arriving tomorrow. But when I'm in the shops I don't go to New Look or other such shops selling fancy shoes, but to Waterstones to buy books, or HMV to buy the latest DVD, or even a comic store to get some graphic novels. I'm currently reading three collected comics/ graphic novels - 'Captain America: Winter Soldier Dossier Edition' (what the movie was based on), 'The Walking Dead Compendium I', and 'Lighter than my Shadow', a self illustrated graphic novel about the author's battle with taboo mental disorders, namely eating disorders. xx
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Is there anything you wrongly feel ashamed of loving? Something you wouldn't easily admit?

You are like a dream...

a good dork out is always enjoyed

You shop like a guy.

And that's a bad thing how?

It's a wondrous thing!

I envy this

Are there not any areas like this where you live? x

Nobody I know is into this besides the guy I'm currently seeing and he has me watch all the movies with him and I really love it(:

Ah. I get you, it isn't a very common thing for girls, as it seems. Still, I'd rather take it over be normal haha. :P x

For sure !! Be proud of it it makes u interesting and full of substance to talk about (:

Hell yeah! Preach it girl! :P I mean I know more about the mythology of 'Doctor Who' than I do Maths. So my piorities are in the right place haha. :P

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